Statusdroid operates a worldwide network of servers which checks your website every 30 seconds from over 15 worldwide locations.

If the website goes down, Statusdroid disables your PPC ads to prevent you from spending money on advertising that would take your customers to a dead end.

It monitors not only availability of a website, but its security and response time as well. Statusdroid has integrated public status page which can send Facebook and Twitter message about any issue instead of you.

You only need to provide addresses of your websites and Statusdriod automatically finds out what needs to be monitored. If there is something wrong, it will notify you via email, SMS or a phone call.

Statusdroid never sleeps. Minute by minute, it monitors your websites and notifies you when a problem occurs.

Website down? We alert you via email, SMS, Slack or even a phone call.

Global monitoring
We check your websites from multiple locations every minute.

SSL Verification
Expiring SSL certificate? Know about it before it's too late.

1-minute setup
Just add a website and let Statusdroid crunch through the rest.

Public status page
Inform your customers about an outage before they ask.

Maintenance windows
Migrating or updating your site? Don't ruin your uptime.

Turn off Ads
Outage? Statusdroid turns off your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Social media updates
Automatically updates your Facebook or Twitter when your website is down.

Key Features

  • Website monitoring



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