StackLife is making personalized medicine a reality by providing consumers and small businesses the tools to easily and cheaply create their own supplement formulas in quantities as small as a single bottle! Not a pill pack, StackLife produces custom capsules and powders mixed to your exact specifications, with no minimums, often under $40 per bottle.

Traditional manufacturing requires 5,000 bottle minimums per batch, but StackLife's revolutionary process breaks the batch barrier to deliver quality custom supplements one bottle at a time. All manufacturing is done in the USA at cGMP, FDA-certified facilities, using the highest quality ingredients.

Truly custom supplements will benefit a wide range of communities, from functional medicine and personalized nutrition, to workout and bodybuilding, to nootropic users, to communities managing chronic diseases like MS, autism, and Alzheimer's.

StackLife was born out of the nootropics community, where body hackers regularly buy raw powder to mix and manufacture capsules in their home. This is unsafe since most people do not have proper scales for measuring amounts nor proper mixing devices to ensure consistency. StackLife provides professionally produced capsules and powders that are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality and safety, at a price that's competitive with mass-produced supplements.

Small businesses such as dietary consultants, personal trainers, and holistic practitioners can use StackLife's white-label program to launch their own line of supplements, which not only provides an additional revenue stream but also builds their growing brand. StackLife manages everything from accepting credit cards and managing orders, to production and packaging, to shipping and delivery. The affiliate simply designs their formula, uploads branding images, and directs their clients to the checkout page. The affiliate can set their own retail price, and StackLife sends the affiliate a check for the difference above wholesale.

StackLife is revolutionizing the supplments industry by providing quality custom formulas to consumers and small businesses, heralding a new era of personalized and niche supplement products.

Key Features

  • personalized vitamins
  • custom vitamins
  • personalized supplements
  • personalized nutrition
  • functional medicine
  • nootropics
  • preworkout supplements



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