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MAPCAT B2C: OSM turned mainstream

The MAPCAT portal is a free public map portal with high quality services in an integrated platform, for average users and map editors. It aims to boost OSM map editing and usage, turning OSM into a mainstream map platform.

The focus is on easy-to-use tools, entertaining processes for casual map editors, real time editing, collaboration and process management supported on a commercial quality level. The average private users looking for map search and routing functions, will also see unique features like the unique non-car user stories, our enhanced search and POI management, sharing and embedding functions. All of them based on the highly detailed OpenStreetMap database.

based on OpenStreetMap, the most detailed community-edited world map;
route planning for cars, bikes, pedestrians, hikers and public transport;
route export to GPX and KML files;
real-time map editing with all modifications fed back to OSM;
advanced search engine, hundreds of POI layers;
beautiful map design with fast loading vector tiles;
all map text is localized.
MAPCAT B2B: cost-effective mapping backend
MAPCAT technology serves commercial applications with competitive, cost-effective and easy-to-integrate B2B services, operating as a backend GIS technology for web, mobile apps and games (Unity3D), providing:

OSM-BASED LOCALIZED MAPS – Worldwide vector & raster maps with real-time refresh, custom visualization, map data in your own language
MULTI-PROFILE, WORLDWIDE ROUTING – Car, bike, pedestrian and public transport turn-by-turn directions, with unique routing features
ADVANCED ADDRESS& POI SEARCH – Detailed, localized search and reverse geocoding, detailed POI filtering and visualization
OVERLY SIMPLE INTEGRATION – Easy integration from scratch or simple switch from other platforms
MAPPING FOR MOBILE – Maps and services as mapping engine for mobile games and apps

Key Features

  • Advanced Address search
  • Multi profile, worldwide routing
  • OSM based, localized maps
  • Simple integration
  • Elevation profile
  • Tailor-made plans
  • Hundreds of POI layers
  • Beautiful map design
  • Route export to GPX and KML files
  • Real-time map editing



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