Parse emails & attachments, and get structured data back. Send this data nearly anywhere with webhooks, or download via Excel. The use case for ranges from parsing emails with orders, contact requests, shipping notices, surveys, system updates, and registration notices, to attachments and beyond.

Set a few reliable parsing rules in your account, and the emails you receive every day are turned into structured data. You can save your data locally, send to Google Apps, or send to web automation Apps and literally push your information to any CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, Email Marketing Software, etc. allows you to extract data from the email body, the subject, the sender information or even from attached files. We offer ready-to-use templates for the most common email parsing tasks. While the templates will get you going in minutes, it's also easy to create custom parsing rules which are 100% tailored to your needs. Chain up as many text filters as you like to crop, clean and refine your data. also allows you to parse data from email file attachments. You can pull text from various file formats (PDF, XLS, CSV, TXT, XML, ...) and then use filters to transform the data.

Each new user gets a 30 day trial, and has access to our knowledge base and support center. We have clients ranging from IT managers and Marketing CEO's to Eco Lodge owners and small eCommerce businesses. There are use case scenarios for nearly every business to automate your workflow, and improve productivity through email parsing.

Key Features

  • email parser
  • workflow automation
  • productivity tool



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  • custom email parsing filters
  • email parser inbox
  • cloud integrations

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