ESHOP or WEB easily, quickly and cheap, create a website in 3 minutes for 15 days for free! Creating websites and building eshop has never been easier.

Website builder platform that helps companies create e-shop sites with all the functionalities of a professionally designed website.

Simply, quickly, but mainly create a web / eshop by yourself. Our system is largely automated, with users intuitively activating / adding / changing / setting up most of the page's pages themselves. We offer a 15-day test run in which you can test or suit your system without any obligation. Consequently, if you are satisfied with the system and want to use our system with your own domain, you can go to the "full version".

You do not need any hosting for the created site. All pages run on our servers at no extra cost. You do not even need a programmer, the system is designed to make the web / eshop a less experienced user. You have several website templates in different color and thematic styles. Of course, you can change any of the preset themes even through Design mode. You can also use a large number of modules and plug-ins that are immediately implemented and displayed on your site after a simple activation.

The system is continually updating, new modules / plugins / functionality are being implemented. Major updates are about every two months, but the changes do not limit your site's routine.

k you will not know the advice or you will not understand completely some functionality, use the HELP that is contained in almost every section, item or option. Alternatively, you can go through our SUPPORT / HELP list of our customers' FAQs, or go to the SUPPORT / TUTORIALS section to get the instructions you need to get started with step-by-step basic steps. However, you can also use technical support implemented directly in the administration in the SUPPORT / SUPPORT section, which is available to you on working days from 9am to 5pm.

Key Features

  • website builder
  • content management system



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