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A SaaS ATS and video interviewing system for hiring teams and recruiters featuring one-way and live interviews, video-enabled job ads, customizable employer branding pages and video-enhanced applications with cognitive analytics. videoBIO Recruiter also easily integrates with your applicant tracking system. It provides the most comprehensive set of tools and ease-of-use for both candidates and recruiting teams including support, interactive tutorials and education, on-boarding and training.

So, if you are not conducting video interviews regularly, you are not just behind the theoretical curve of progressiveness in HR practice you are actually placing yourself at a real disadvantage to the wider marketplace when it comes to the field. Why? Because in truth, the video interviewing strategy should be ‘done and dusted’ and should be a core part of the hiring process. Employers should be focusing on integrating new technologies like big data and mobile technologies into their interview process to give their talent attraction processes greater competitive advantage.

So, if there are so many new technologies to play with, shouldn’t you just press fast forward and skip right past video for now and move on to the next thing? Absolutely not. Video interviewing should not be taken for granted just because it has been around for a while as it has tried-and-tested benefits it can bring to your business, which you should not ignore.

The video interview can and should be a multimedia enriched and, in some ways, an enhanced-interview experience over that which can be achieved in a face-to-face interview. Now with cognitive assessment available at all steps in the video recruiting process.

Key Features

  • Video enabled job ad
  • One-way pre-recorded interviews
  • Video, audio or text responses
  • One to one live interviews
  • Live panel interviews
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Full featured ATS



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