Fuel50 is award-winning, next-gen career path software that empowers forward-thinking companies to deploy career growth initiatives to attract and retain talent while boosting engagement and productivity. Fuel50 enables businesses to efficiently and cost-effectively manage cross-generational expectations, deliver on diversity targets, win 'Best Place to Work' awards, maximize succession planning, align values with their people, and achieve significant engagement uplifts!

Fuel50’s game-changing career experience platform helps your people evolve their careers. From career pathing, gap analysis and gig marketplaces to feedback, mentoring and succession tools that revolutionize performance enablement — Fuel50 is the future of work.

As the career experience platform that mobilizes your talent and delivers career path transparency, other benefits include:
- Improve engagement
- Meaningful career conversations
- Increase internal mobility
- Retain key talent
- Decrease turnover
- Career development
- Maximize succession planning
- Create agile workforces
- Increase revenue
- Better align employees to their purpose, values and goals

We know your pain-points, and we know how difficult career frameworks can be. Fuel50 serves to improve and evolve organizations for the future of work beautifully and easily, and in a truly scalable way. Fuel50 can be applied to any business, any environment, and can be tailored to your HR challenges. Fuel50's platform can be installed with fully-integrated and highly-secure custom APIs including single sign-on (SSO) and integrations with all existing HRM platforms and frameworks. Fuel50 is incredibly flexible and customizable for any environment.

Key Features

  • Career Pathing
  • Gig Marketplace
  • Powerful analytics
  • Gap Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Real time 360 feedback
  • Support career growth conversations
  • Team user-driven career dashboard
  • Mentoring
  • Stretch assignments
  • Performance management
  • Build a succession pipeline
  • Coaching portal



Pricing model:


  • Pathing Screen
  • Analytics Screen
  • Gap Analysis Screen
  • Reflect Screen

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