Zikher - Digital Lending Platform

Zikher - Digital Lending Platform
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Zikher is a customer facing highly intuitive digital lending platform that sits on top of the back office layer of the Loan Origination System (Automated or Manual).

Currently, the commercial loan origination process begin once the customer contact the bank by inputing basic data on banks’ site to get their first appraisal. Bankers then manually enter customer’s application data into the loan origination system designed for that specific type of loan applied. This lengthy and time-consuming process takes 30-60 business days leaving many banking customers frustrated and unhappy. According to SNL (S&P Global), currently, 90% of small banks are using the paper-based system due to security risks and limited resources to keeping up with always changing industry compliances. Additionally, their small tech divisions focus generally on maintaining bank's day to day operations. Zikher provides a single solution to cut time and to promote workforce efficiency for financial institutions.

Now with Zikher SMB banks, CU’s and private lenders can receive full digital loan applications with signatures, loan documents and collaborate directly with borrowers via integrated communication channels. Zikher supports multi loan types like credits cards, mortgage, HELOC, Commercial real estate loans, SBA loans, Bridge Loans, Auto loans, equipment loans, etc.

Zikher's solution includes:
• Universal Loan Origination System Compatibility: Submit multiple loan applications and collaborate in real-time from a phone, tablet or computer
• Fully Digitalized Applications: Complete the entire application for different types of loans, from documentation to e-signature, from the comfort and convenience of your home
• Customized interface: Custom brand colors, logos, fonts on all platform interfaces according to your organization’s branding needs
• Integrated Digital Communication Channels: Connects and collaborate across multiple channels to ensure clear communication and error-free applications

Key Features

  • Fully customized loan Applications
  • Document Attachment
  • Digital Signature
  • Real-time loan pipeline management
  • Bank-grade Security
  • Document Storage
  • Inbuilt CRM
  • KYC, KYB, AML & Identity Verification
  • Advanced loan data analytics
  • Instant Messaging/Video Calling/Fully Integrated scheduler
  • GDrive, DropBox, Box, OneDrive Integrations



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