PerfectPage is an online platform geared towards small business owners and bloggers who manage their own websites but don’t have corporate budgets.

With our collection of tools you can submit a webpage to be evaluated based on an extensive list of page elements, track your analytics, be alerted if your website ever goes down, compare your website to your competitors’ sites, and watch how your visitors interact with your site via heatmaps and scrollmaps.

The best part is that our platform super user-friendly so you can get started right away!

PerfectPage is The Simplest Way to Be Found Online. provides online, subscription-based software for small business owners, bloggers, and everyone who manages their own websites.

Geared towards non-developers with easy to understand analysis, PerfectPage finally provides an opportunity for the normal person to grow and succeed online.

Focused on small business owners, PerfectPage provides subscriptions with prices that are affordable enough for owners and bloggers with a small budget (or even no budget at all).

We know that there are a ton of tools out there that are geared towards helping people improve their websites. However, there’s nothing available for small business owners! With 571 new websites being created every minute, PerfectPage is focused on helping people who don’t have corporate budgets improve their websites to compete with those who do.

We offer easy to navigate tools and easy to understand language for non-technical small business owners. Oh, and you can gain access to our tools for a monthly fee less than the cost of a pizza.

Key Features

  • Website Optimization
  • SEO
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • On-Page Analysis
  • Competitor Comparison



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