Memeni is FOR any business, non-profit, or individual with a sizeable online audience WHO is looking for a way to foster deeper, more meaningful relationships with their audience. Memeni IS an online community engagement platform THAT allows you to own the platform you use to engage with your audience BECAUSE a deeper understanding of your audience allows you to deliver an experience of your brand that’s more targeted to each individual’s interests without needing to spend advertising dollars to reach them.

We all know that social media is very important these days, mostly because “social media is not a few websites – it is the state of the internet right now”. With this in mind, no one can be left out of social media, especially business, for whom social media really matters and can actually be helpful to boost growth.

However, recent data indicates that organic reach is declining on big social networks. On Facebook, for example, the organic reach of content published from brand pages has been declining since 2012, even to levels below 3 percent, making the need for new ways of approaching social media, in order to deal with this paradigm shift.

With that in mind, Memeni, a platform for brands to create their own customizable online communities, has recently announced a powerful white-label solution for brands to build their own online community or, in other words, their social network, based on the brand’s audience collaboration.

Memeni’s solution takes advantage of content matching technology to scan all posts from the community members, using the information retrieved from those scans to invite relevant community members to the discussion. This creates highly targeted experiences for members, thus contributing to higher retention and engagement while also preventing spamming.

Giving a practical example: a company specialized in computer accessories could, instead of simply advertising its products, create a community using Memeni to gather computer users and share tips and best practices. With this, the brand would be able to oversee the community and send tailored messages to its users based on their interests and discussions.

Arik Benzino, Memeni cofounder and chairman, highlighted how the service can help businesses deal with the new trends in online marketing:

“The conversation of online marketing is changing. Smart brands have begun to form more intimate relationships with their target audiences by providing them with real value, and in turn, branding themselves as leaders in their industry. It is a revolution in marketing perspective and Memeni is the leading technology behind this, giving brands the platform to jump on board so they will not get left behind.”
Founded in 2012 by Benzino and Adam Fogel, Memeni has been gaining a lot of attention, raising over $2.5 million in seed round funding from angel investors and being already used by large brands, sports teams, small businesses, and even cities, to build and own their online communities.

Key Features

  • White-label Native Mobile App
  • Desktop & Facebook App
  • Private Social Network
  • Coupons & Promotions
  • Content Targeting System
  • Social Media Publisher
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Challenges & Contests
  • Mobile Push & Email Notifications
  • Listings
  • Posts & Discussions
  • Events



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