Amazon changes prices up to 80 million times each day. 80 MILLION TIMES!

Before ShadowBid, there was no easy way to save money when prices changed. But now, you can download our free app to join users who are saving hundreds of dollars on their Amazon purchases. Prices often drop by 30, 40, 50, and even up to 75%! Now you can capture those savings with this revolutionary new shopping system from ShadowBid.

ShadowBid is also built to help retailers, advertisers, and marketers to better understand their customers. The ecommerce market has been too inefficient for too long, and we're here to help. ShadowBid will quickly become a selling tool that all retailers must have in order to maximize sales, limit cart abandonment, understand consumer price sensitivities, and time orders and inventory.

So, how does ShadowBid work?
1 - Search for any Amazon product right in the ShadowBid app.
2 - View the price history in an easy to read chart.
3 - Choose the price YOU want to pay and pick how long you can wait.
4 - Then sit back and relax!
5 - ShadowBid checks the price of your Amazon product multiple times each day.
6 - When the price drops to your set price (or lower!) then the system will automatically make the purchase, in your Amazon account.

You don't have to lift a finger after setting your price and will be notified when the purchase is made. From the retailer perspective, this means that you will understand what people want to pay and how long they are willing to wait. Like the stock market, ecommerce should have better information sharing from both sides. That is the best way to increase efficiency and maximize profits.

Download today and stop throwing your money away!

Key Features

  • Bidding, Price Sensitivities, Timed Purchase, Automated Purchasing, Price History, Savings, iOS, Chrome, Consumer Information, Efficiency



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