SEOJet is backlink strategy software that instantly builds customized backlink plans (that actually work) for your SEO clients. Using proven backlink data from thousands of links pointing to #1 ranked websites in almost every niche, our link management software gives you "fill in the blank" link building plans, so you dominate the SERPs for your clients. The software analyzes your current backlinks and then shows you how natural your backlink profile looks to Google. Then it gives you the anchor text to use for every future link to fix the profile and make it match a number one ranked backlink profile. Then the software takes your most important key phrase on each page you are optimizing and checks the backlink data of all of the top ten ranked pages for that key phrase. It shows you what you need to do to get to page one with the least amount of backlinks possible. One of the features that our users love the most is the Competitor Lock report which pits your page up against any one of your main competitors. The report compares your backlinks to theirs telling you how natural their profile looks compared to yours. It also shows you the domain authority distribution of all of your competitor's backlinks so you can see what level of backlinks you need to get to match or beat them. Finally, the report shows you all of the backlinks they have pointing to that page that you do not currently have. This allows you to always see what is causing a site to rank above you and gives you a strategy to match or beat that site.

Key Features

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Anchor Text Generator
  • Backlink Strategy
  • Monitor Backlinks



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