Phonexia Speech Platform


Phonexia Speech Platform provides partners a complete portfolio of speech technologies with an easy-to-use design. The platform allows users to design and deploy a wide range of speech processing systems in a short time and without extensive knowledge of speech analytics.
Phonexia has just launched Deep EmbeddingsTM – the latest generation of its voice biometrics engine for speaker identification and verification. The new technology exclusively uses deep neural networks (DNN) to map voices directly to their unique small and fixed length records called voice-prints. Deep EmbeddingsTM – available within the Phonexia Speech Platform – is the world’s first commercially available voice biometric engine with this machine learning capability.Phonexia Deep EmbeddingsTM uses a discriminative training model to identify the truly unique features in each individual’s voice. As a result of incorporating these new training models in its DNN, the new Deep EmbeddingsTM technology is able to create voiceprints twice as fast, have an accuracy that is 2.4 times greater, and have a memory consumption which is just a quarter of the previous Phonexia voice biometric engine – which was already one of the fastest and most accurate on the market.
“The technical benefits –accuracy, speed, and reduced memory use – from transitioning completely to deep neural networks in our engine have exceeded our expectations,” stated Petr Schwarz, Phonexia CTO. “We are looking forward to our clients seizing these benefits as they implement our technology in their systems.”

Key Features

  • Speaker Identification
  • Language Identification
  • Speech Transcription
  • Age estimation
  • Speaker diarization



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