Stream Go


Automatically plan and optimise routes; track drivers in real-time & easily capture electronic Proof of Delivery with our mobile driver App; and improve customer service with proactive SMS text & email notifications.

Stream is a cloud-based delivery, transport & vehicle management solution, which is focused on improving customer satisfaction and driving operational efficiency.

All hosting, support and maintenance costs are included in the monthly subscription and Stream comes complete with an unlimited user licence.

Stream Go logistics & transportation includes:
- Intelligent map-based route & planning optimisation
- Electronic proof of delivery & collection
- Mobile driver app
- Real-time driver tracking
- Self-service customer and partner portal
- Proactive updates via email & SMS
- Vehicle and driver management
- Tracking.

Intelligent Logistics Planning & Route Optimisation
Optimise multi-drop delivery and collection routes taking locations, traffic, total route times and vehicle capabilities into account, allowing quick resource allocation and resulting in faster and more efficient routing.

Electronic Proof of Delivery & Collection
Easily capture Proof of Delivery using the mobile driver App. Record signatures, photographs & notes stamped with the time, date & location.

Proactive Email & SMS Updates
Provide customer communications right through the order-to-delivery process. Keep on top of customer service issues with a range of automated notifications.

Progress Monitor
See an at-a-glance overview of current runs, deliveries & collections. Quickly and easily spot potential issues and take proactive steps to solve them before they escalate.

Self-Service Customer Gateway
Make it easy for your partners to do business with you by giving control & real-time information on their specific deliveries, vehicles & orders.

Focused on Customer Service
Deliver excellent customer service with Stream. Reduce the risk of failed deliveries & collections by providing customers with estimated delivery and collection times.

Key Features

  • Logistics Planning & Route Optimisation
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery & Collection
  • Proactive Email & SMS Updates
  • Driver & Vehicle Management
  • Back Office Integrations
  • Integrated with Zebra mobile devices
  • Android & iOS Mobile Driver App



Starting from:
£15 per vehicle per month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:


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