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Just plan it
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just plan it is an easy time and resource scheduling software for SMB manufacturers.

It empowers job shops, machine shops and small make-to-order companies to increase delivery time commitments. just plan it is a visual scheduling application built for production planers and SMB business owners. It combines state-of-the-art scheduling techniques with advanced visual scheduling concepts allowing agile actions in case of unplanned incidents. It comes with tools and functions that support the scheduling process "full circle". A scheduling engine designed for SMB manufacturers generates an efficient plan. This plan is shown in various views helping you to understand all dependencies and pointing out critical issues. Understanding the schedule helps users taking action immediately.

Use case 1: master the super urgent production order
As job shop or make-to-order company you live from your great customer relations, and from your ability to deliver on time. We all know this one scenario: our schedule for the next two weeks already feels rather busy. Then we get a call from our no1 customer requesting an urgent job to be completed mid of next week. What happens to the other orders if we squeeze this in? What can we do to keep the requested date? just plan it is build to help you answer these questions.

Use case 2: get rid of (broken) Excel sheets
You started your company small, and had everything under control and in your head. As your client base and your team grew, you implemented a "planning system" based on Microsoft Excel. Undoubtedly, this is a great program. But: does it scale with your business? How much effort do you spend on maintaining this sheet? just plan it can read data from Excel, but has a scheduling engine that does the work for you. It is built to be your next system following Excel.

Use case 3: manage the schedule, drive your business
... and not vice versa. We have heard this many times before: if your business and your "planning system" are out of balance, you feel always be driven by your schedule. just plan it is made to provide you a big relieve here. We want you to manage your schedule, and to drive your business. Understand the impact of moving operations and simulate the effect of planning ASAP or JIT. Based on this production schedule decision intelligence, you take control and get into the driver's seat.

Key Features

  • Focus on visual scheduling: easy-to-understand for everybody
  • Easy change of schedule via drag & drop
  • Scheduling engine supporting the visual scheduling: designed for SMBs
  • From Excel to a production schedule in 3 clicks
  • Keeping delivery times & commitments under control
  • Improved resource utilization through visual schedule
  • Built with HTML5: runs on any device
  • Cloud-based application: requires no IT investments



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  • Job View - see all jobs and their tasks at one glance. Identify jobs that run late.

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