AgendaTrac is a meeting management tool for scheduling and managing meetings, creating appointments and agendas, documenting meeting minutes and tracking action items.

The system allows users to not only schedule meetings, but to create complex structured meeting agendas. Meetings that are created within AgendaTrac can have an unlimited number of agenda line items. Each of the line items contains detailed information related to the topic, once completed the agenda can be automatically emailed to all of the meeting participants with a single click. Meeting items that are not currently pertinent can be moved to AgendaTrac's 'parking lot' area for attention at a later date and this way they're not lost or forgotten. AgendaTrac also allows users to enter meeting minutes at the agenda item level, as well as track all actions and tasks related to meetings. AgendaTrac helps to create actionable outcomes that can be tracked. Meeting participants can be granted access to AgendaTrac so that they can update their action items, download meeting attachments, add comments, and retrieve agendas at no additional cost. Appointments, agendas, and corresponding meeting minutes are automatically emailed to all participants.

The software is intended for working professionals in any industry who attend, lead, or manage a multitude of meetings. Although AgendaTrac can be used by anyone to formalize the meeting process and provide detailed documentation to attendees, it's a particularly useful tool for project managers, consultants, and administrative assistants.

Key Features

  • Detailed Agendas
  • Parking Lot
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Action Items
  • Dashboard
  • Meeting Comments



Starting from:
$9.00 per month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
30 day free trial (no credit card required)


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