Sales Force Automation Software
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Structure the way you offer Sales Presentations by offering reliable Screen Sharing that works every time, on any device. Enable your sales team to respond while they still have the prospect's full attention. Distribute leads to available presenters, enrich contacts with detailed information and integrate your CRM to close the loop. P.S. Studies show that sales professionals who respond under 1-minute are 22x more likely to close more sales!

Features Include:

Conversational Lead Capture
Get more leads thanks to conversational „Request a Demo” forms that work with your e-mail, CRM and API. Instantly notify Sales Reps about online prospects waiting for a presentation.

Website Integration
Answer website-generated leads instantly without having to integrate multiple sales enablement apps. Easily add a "Request a Demo" button to your website.

Lead Enrichment
Make practical use of sparse contact information by enriching it with relevant information such as location, company, etc. Create fuller CRM records and know more about your lead.

Live sales presentations
Show your product to customers in real-time, answer their questions and present solutions to their concerns. Invite customers to join by sharing a link, e-mailing them or sending an SMS.

Conference calls
Invite customers to dial a local number in any of 72 countries. It works every time so you’ll never again ask "can you see it yet?".

Live preview
As a screen sharing session progresses, people’s attention drifts away. The live preview shows you where your customers zoom in, when they become inattentive, and any delay they are experiencing, and allows you to react accordingly.

Targeted sharing
By selecting to share only the content of a browser tab, program window or entire screen you have control over any „extra” notifications that might get displayed, keeping software sales professional, every time!

Works on any device
Receive Instant Demo requests and share your screen with viewers browsing your website on any computing device including their smartphone.

Works on any browser
Initiate screen sharing sessions with viewers regardless of the browser version they use. CrankWheel requires neither an installation nor dedicated plugins to work, even on old versions of Internet Explorer!

Secure Connections
Enterprise-grade SSL encryption paired with expiring screen sharing session links guarantee that your live presentations remain seen only by those intended to see them.

No Installation
Viewers are never asked to download or install anything. Screen Sharing sessions start instantly in their browser window!

No Setup
Presenters can simply invite people in real-time with a few clicks. Viewers can enter sessions at any moment without the hassle of providing any information.

Viewer Links
E-mail ready, SMS-enabled, permanently open screen sharing session rooms or Instant Demos make it extremely easy for viewers to join or get invited.

Available in real-time
Screen Sharing is optimized for sessions launched by viewers or presenters who need presentations right now! Scheduled meetings and conversational lead capture forms are available.

Key Features

  • screen sharing
  • instant demos
  • webinars
  • sales presentations
  • sms notifications
  • email support
  • website embeddable



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  • Screen Sharing Control Panel
  • Screen Sharing

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