Screenful is the easiest way to visualise and share your project progress using data from your existing tools. Connect with your Trello, Jira or Pivotal Tracker to get instant visual dashboards and automated status reports that you can share with your team. Get a quick overview of your team's status on your smartphone or tablet, or download a native desktop client. Screenful improves communication between all stakeholders including Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Developers, Product Owner, QA, and even the customer.

For the best effect, set up for auto-rotation on office TV. Just select the screens that you want to broadcast, and click the play icon. The UI turns into radiator mode and will rotate screens once per minute. It will look awesome and you'll be amazed about the attention it gets within the office. Finally you can keep everyone on track of your project progress!

- Measure lead & cycle times
- Track sprint progress with a burndown chart
- Spot bottlenecks with cumulative flow chart
- See your team's weekly velocity
- See breakdown of completed tasks per task type
- Get forecast for your project completion
- Subscribe to weekly email digest
- Integrate with Slack

Setting up your dashboard will take just one minute.

We offer a monthly subscription plan based on the number of Jira/Trello/Pivotal Tracker projects you want to track.

Using Trello? We have a Power-Up that lets you access our dashboards right within your Trello

Using Jira OnPremise and want a dedicated installation behind your firewall? We got you covered with our docker support.

Key Features

  • Agile dashboard
  • Information radiator
  • Visual team dashboard
  • Weekly progress reports



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