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RChilli offers the best resume analytics solutions including resume parsing, social recruiting, semantic search and match to streamline your recruitment process. It is a highly scalable, robust, cost-effective resume parser to manage resume entries more efficiently, so you can manage bulk uploads and recognize your desired one using a keywords search. With the advantage of Rchilli’s scalable, cost-effective resume parser; now manage resume data more efficiently coming from candidates applying to your Website. RChilli provides excellent Resume Parsing service to staffing companies, recruitment agencies for managing large volumes of resume data and streamline data entry from candidate’s resume.

Our products:
Resume parsing API: The RChilli resume parser is available as a Web-service API that offers better compatibility. In just 15minutes, you can integrate RChilli parser into any Job-board or Application and call the REST API to get the XML response back. The RChilli resume parser provides parsing output in HR-XML v3.1 as well as our proprietary XML with more than 100 data fields.

Semantic search and match: It allows to search for the best match within the database as per specified job description. It helps you in reading, plotting, and analyzing Candidate’s potential in depth.

Resume enrichment: It helps to enrich your resume database as per the latest details of candidates' social media profile analysis. This automated tool helps to get connected with top talent networks, leverage newfound information and reduce the hiring cost drastically.

Key Features

  • "Cost-effective"
  • "Scalable"
  • "CV automation"
  • "Highly accurate"
  • Highly compatible
  • Best performance
  • Cloud based model
  • Powerful API
  • Best technology
  • Resume enrichment
  • Multilingual



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