Journey helps organizations hire and maximize team performance by assessing key job skills, passion, and culture-fit. Our simulations combines psychometrics, artificial intelligence, and gamification to create a uniquely engaging interactive experience.

Journey is explicitly designed to promote inclusion and diversity in addition to predicting performance, engagement, and retention. Our simulation is professionally validated and available for use in recruiting immediately.

The benefits of Journey are as follows:

An interactive psychometric simulation that helps recruiters accurately select and hire the best talent by measuring a candidate’s soft skills and culture fit.
- Enhance your employer brand by adopting innovative assessments.
- Comprehensive report that provides rich insights into candidates’ abilities, behaviors and preferences.
- A more engaging candidate experience reduces candidate drop-off.
- Strong, well-established psychometric properties ensures a more deeper and objective assessment; candidates are less able to fake or distort their responses.

Journey assesses your candidates’ culture fit, communication, management, and leadership in 13 different core behavioral skills:

Promoting Ideas, Customer Focus, Understanding Others, Negotiation, Building Team Spirit, Handling Criticism, Building Rapport, Motivating Others, Supporting Others, Gathering Information, Setting High Standards for Quality, Following Procedures & Dealing with Ambiguity.

Key Features

  • Candidate-Friendly
  • Easy to Understand
  • Data-driven Process
  • Structured Process
  • Simplified Collaboration
  • Fast and Accurate



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