Created by Rosslyn Analytics, Qlick simply builds, designs and publishes documents in minutes. It helps businesses collaboratively get into data than ever before. It provides clients with real time data discovery solution to search for, evaluate, analyze and unleash insights that were hidden away within bulk of unconnected information sources.

Qlick helps businesses to have control over the data. It is already known that big data is the most important untapped asset for an organization. But it is useful if you can make it tame it and make it meaningful and helpful.

With Qlick businesses no more need to pay through the nose for slow, expensive on-premise IT expertise. With Qlick, even the non-technical users who are keen to know, understand and grip all that big data offers and can finally have access, alter and analyze all data derived from different data sources on a single data platform, promptly.

There are two types of data – customer data and product data.

 Qlick helps its clients discover and take proper action with all those data. Customer data are the lifeblood for an organization. So it should be well understood. If a business is not using internal as well as external sources of such data and sharing the data all through the business, the company will be left behind and here the need to using Qlick comes into play.

The same happens with product data. If a business harnesses the importance of product data, it would be innovative in introducing intelligent new services as well as products that users will want to purchase and love to use. Companies that create products without using the product data has to be offered will become irrelevant in the industry and that is why Qlick is highly on demand especially by small businesses. 

Key Features

  • Upload and publish QlikView documents in minutes
  • Refresh QlikView documents on-demand
  • "Slice and dice"" information
  • Share dashboard or reports



Starting from:
$20.00 /user per month
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