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Surwayne is a project pulse check and team engagement solution helping your business increase project success by 50% – all set up in less than 20 minutes.

Surwayne keeps track of project performance, highlights improvement areas and assigns tasks to your project teams. Surwayne has all you need to maximize project success and keep your projects on track:

100% project visibility at your fingertips – All projects and status information at a glance in the project monitoring dashboard

Reliable status info based on collective feedback – Recurring surveys collect project feedback from all participants and stakeholders

Less time and more fun with project pulse checks – 10 question survey and smiley system ensure fast and fun project feedback

Reduced total costs and increased project success – Less project management effort and increased focus on value-adding activities critical for success

Increased employee loyalty and sense of belonging – Active engagement of all project participants in ongoing project pulse check and feedback

Surwayne was founded by Lars Linnekogel and Artur Heinze based on their conviction that collaborative project management delivers better results. The strongest feedback companies can get is the honest views shared by their own employees. All the better when they‘re also coming up with great ideas about what to do and how to maximize project success.

Surwayne requires no installation and is immediately available. Surwayne offers excellent price-performance ratios and subscriptions with monthly cancellation.

Key Features

  • Collect direct feedback from employees via simple and fun smiley based survey
  • Track all projects and their real-time status in one single dashboard
  • View aggregated feedback from all employees on individual project level
  • Discover project strengths and potential improvement areas on one sight
  • Browse open, free-text feedback and suggestions from employees
  • Categorize ideas and feedback and turn into action items and tasks
  • Select from proposed best-practice solutions and assign tasks to employees
  • Monitor project pulse and keep track whether selected solutions help improve
  • Keep track of long-term trends in key project disciplines and uncover strengths and weaknesses
  • Share reports and tasks with employees via dashboard, email or PDF
  • Collaborate with other companies and learn from best practices



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