Spekfy is a tool to help Project Managers, Business Analysts, Product owners, and Freelancers to start a new project.

Spekfy offers project's overview from a global perspective to details. Using mindmap, you will break-down complex tasks into smaller pieces and get a better understanding of project requirements and tasks.

To properly manage project budget and timeframe, Spekfy will display exactly what each project part will cost and how much time it will require to implement it.

In discussions, you will be able to track discussion status, identify unanswered questions and requests. To avoid the informational mess, the discussion can be started instantly where it is needed and do not lose context by switching between emails, Skype and Slack.

To manage requirements, Spekfy will allow you to supply links between requirements and tasks, check dependency between requirements and what will fulfill each requirement and from this design a software requirement specification (SRS)

Spekfy key features are:

1) Break down a complex project into simple tasks and subtasks
2) Estimate time & cost for every feature, and for the whole project
3) Collect requirements, generate Software Requirement Specification (SRS), set dependencies between tasks & requirements
4) See project budgets, breakdown by milestone, assignee
5) Collect project conversations, make knowledge base from conversations

Using Zappier, Spekfy supports integration with a wide range of third-party services - Bitbucket, Trello, Slack, Asana, Wrike, Google Docs, Facebook, Xero, Stripe, Salesforce, Zendesk.

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