A smart task manager built for easy collaboration

Sendtask is the easiest way to collaborate with your team, clients, and suppliers in one place - even if they don’t have an account.

Sendtask removes the barriers to effective collaboration. Manage your personal and work projects with ease. Sendtask lets you do all this for free:

Create a to-do list, organize it with custom tags and track your progress in one place.
Collaborate with anyone in seconds. They don’t need to register so it’s easy to onboard people.
Get things done on both web and mobile. Manage tasks from email, Evernote, and Slack for a seamless workflow.

Sendtask is free to use for unlimited users and unlimited tasks. All current features will remain free forever.

Sendtask makes sending tasks as simple of a process as sending a calendar invitation. No onboarding needed, all the recipient needs to have is an email account.

Anyone who has been frustrated when emails or spreadsheets were used to “track” tasks, will like Sendtask. It’s as easy as sending email but with all the powers that usually come with a task manager.

Sendtask gives peace of mind - once you’ve created a task, you know the person responsible for it will be automatically reminded.

Sendtask is simple but very powerful.

You can do everything that traditional collaborative task list apps allow you to do.

Sendtask is especially helpful for ad-hoc teams with short lifespans, both on a small and large scale.

Sendtask does for tasks in emails what a calendar invitation does for scheduling.

Key Features

  • to do list, slack integration, email integration, ano accounts, reminders



Pricing model:

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