Orangescrum is a simplified Project Management and Collaboration software for teams of all sizes. Organize projects, teams, and tasks at one place! Orangescrum has cloud and open source editions with multiple features like Gantt chart, Time log, Kanban View, Daily Catch-Up, Recurring Tasks, Sub task, Project and Task templates, Invoicing etc. keeping in mind the various needs of any organization. Its feature rich android and iOS mobile apps are a huge plus to access anytime, anywhere.
Orangescrum offers project planning capabilities of milestone/task groups tracking, task status tracking, priority setting, document sharing, timeline mapping and Invoice management.
Both editions offer plans from 10 to unlimited users, projects, tasks. The cloud edition is completely free for sign up and open source edition is completely free for download. Open Source edition can customizable as per users requirement. You can top it up with paid add-ons anytime.
Here is a quick Orangescrum feature snapshot -
Assign, schedule, collaborate and track tasks
Create task and sub tasks without any hassle
Automated time tracking for your team
Check your resource availability and resource utilization
Schedule and create task dependencies
Create your own workflow as per your business requirement
Create, save and send accurate invoices to your customer/client.
Information rich Kanban view for TO DO, In Progress and Pending tasks
Get instant email notifications and reply on the go
Get daily team update right in your inbox with Daily Catch-Up
Easy to collaborate and brainstorm ideas, seek reviews & approvals instantly with the in-app chat
Create and manage your team, tasks and projects on the go using Mobile apps


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