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Rowboat Software's Custom Intranet is a digital workspace that is customized around individual businesses. Its purpose is to reduce redundancy, increase transparency, and improve efficiencies across business processes. Rowboat Software's Intranet Platform offers the benefits of a custom platform with the ease of an out-of-the-box solution. A custom approach provides businesses with the added benefit of simplicity, eliminating un-needed functionality and clutter.

Key features include:

Knowledge Management - Forget email chains. Create productive discussions and a searchable knowledge base.
Workflow Automation - A sophisticated ticketing and task management system streamlines processes and increases accountability across departments.
Data Insights - With a single-tool solution, mine performance data and sharpen actionable business intelligence.
Growth Ready - Our AWS Certified team will assess your infrastructure to ensure implementation meets your short and long term goals.
Integrations - Open APIs make integrations with legacy enterprise or SaaS solutions easy.

Rowboat Software's Custom Intranet is made up of a library of custom-built modules and integrations, which can be easily tweaked for a specific need. This approach also allows for rapid deployment. Some examples:

Content Management Platform - Create and manage your website’s content, design, and assets. Integrated with task management and reporting analytics to better plan content releases and respond to trends.

Franchise or Branch Management Platform - Manage multiple locations or franchises by automating and centralizing key information.

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