Vecta is a web-based collaborative diagramming tool for teams.

Vecta lets you easily create amazingly beautiful diagrams with Vecta’s powerful SVG editor, whether it's your backend architecture, software logic flowchart or agile processes. Explain your ideas and designs effectively to your clients, team leads, or peers, with minimal effort. After all, a diagram is worth more than a thousand words.

Vecta's advanced SVG editor is packed with features like advanced shape operations, trim, highly intuitive connector, smart global setting, support for JPG, SVG, PNG and PDF as well as in-app chatting.

Get more done with your team by collaborating on diagrams in real-time, be it local or anywhere else in the world. Detect problems early, get feedback and reviews immediately with Vecta's build in chat, all without endless emails and attachments, so you can focus only on what is important to you.

Be notified anytime your team made a change in the team. This lets you make decision quick and reduce unnecessarily misunderstanding.

Use Vecta to organize your diagrams by projects or teams to get everyone in the loop. Diagrams created in teams are automatically shared with team members, with customisable permissions for each drawing. Get both, in-app and desktop notifications when drawings are updated, to ensure you stay in loop.

Most recently, we have also integrated with Slack so you can communicate and discuss about your Vecta drawings seamlessly in Slack. The Slack integration provides an instant preview within the Slack Channel everytime you posted a link in the Slack Channel.

Key Features

  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Advanced SVG editor
  • In-app and desktop team notification
  • Team access with fine grain control
  • Stencil and symbols
  • Slack integration
  • Supports multiple measurement units (mm, px, inch etc)
  • Precise drawing modification down to decimal through Shape Properties
  • In-app chatting
  • Export & import SVG, PNG, JPG



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