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Static Object digests your repository's commits into a quantified data stream that lets managers and engineers get the gist of their code faster. For senior developers and CTOs, we reduce tedious work to leave more time for coding. Summarize daily activity, recall important changes, and measure developer impact with Static Object.

Static Object provides an unparalleled degree of data-driven insight into the world of your engineers. Whether you want to know what's being worked on during a given hour, day, or year, we help you cut through gigabytes of commit data to quickly get answers to your most imperative questions.

Unlock the most potent version of your team. You can tune line impact measurement to correspond to your judgement regarding the types of changes that add the most value to your project, intervene promptly if an Engineer's work pattern changes or stalls, efficiently recall the past year's worth of an Engineer's achievements with our Annual Review page, and save time on stand-ups with concisely crafted progress reports, delivered to your inbox.

For engineers, Static Object minimizes the chores that distract you from being engaged and productive. We reduce code to be reviewed in a pull request, cull noise from GitHub's diff viewer, and offer tools that help to prevent meetings by keeping managers in the loop without your intervention. This leaves more time to do what matters: writing code. Learn which days (e.g., those without meetings) and types of work (e.g., back-end, front-end) correspond with your highest efficiency, and earn recognition from management and peers for your unique contributions to the project.

Static Object empowers your engineering team to make important decisions backed by data.

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