AiHello uses predictive analysis to help online retailers sell efficiently on multiple channels (including Amazon, Ebay, Shopify,Flipkart etc) by optimizing inventory, sale location & price.

Our technology helps you sell efficiently online by the following methods:

Inventory management
AiHello manages your inventory across channels. The system can be used to list a product on any one channel or a combination of channels. A retailer selling on one channel can push his products to other channels in a click.

Optimizing inventory: AiHello uses deep learning to optimize your inventory. Using its pre-existing knowledge of similar products combined with current inventory & sales , The system can optimize the price of a product depending on the channel and location of selling. The system will also suggest the best channel and the geo-location to target your product for maximum success

There is efficiency in learning when humans are not involved. The whole process is extremely cheap and the system learns and becomes smarter as time progresses.

We help to keep the startup business costs low, streamlined and extremely efficient.

The magic underneath is Deep Learning combined with Apache Spark. Our algorithms run continuously 24x7 on current data snapshots, optimizing current inventory and sales process in real time.
We can’t optimize future but we can predict it.
Given historical optimization we use real time analysis to
a) predict where your next sale of a particular category of product will be sold,
b) optimize the current price and predict the future price,
c) do a semantic analysis on a product description for keyword analysis

Preliminary results indicate 70% higher sales in using predictive analysis
40% savings in inventory management and 20% more efficient in saving time (This is compared to most popular traditional methods of inventory management)

Key Features

  • Business Intelligence,
  • Inventory Management
  • Amazon Sellers Toolbox
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Aritificial Intelligence



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