Automate data entry for seller accounting information from Amazon to QuickBooks. Sync orders, fees, refunds, and settlements real time to run item profitability reports. Quick and easy setup to get you started in less than 5 minutes.

Automatically create sales documents with fees, shipping costs, and expenses.
Track sales, refunds, reimbursements, and settlements in detail so you know exactly what’s affecting your bottom line.
Automatic settlement report import ensures all transactions, such as subscription and storage fees, are reconciled.
Organize transactions like storage fees into the proper chart of accounts for accurate reporting.
Inventory tracking allows for precise inventory management.
Map and track sales tax collection for multiple states.

Near real-time import as data becomes available on your Amazon seller account.
Seamless integration with Amazon seller accounts and QuickBooks Online.
Automatically import orders, refunds, returns, FBA reimbursements, and settlements.
Get started quickly with our setup wizard.
Simple pricing plan — pay as you go with no contract or commitment.

Automatically synchronize your Amazon data with QuickBooks Online in real-time.
Get started with 100 FREE orders every month, no credit card required.

From our experience and knowledge, we’re proud to bring you one of our greatest achievements: SellerZen. We’re excited to offer our cloud-based service to you, and we’re confident it’ll help you grow your business. Not only does SellerZen integrate Amazon seller data with QuickBooks Online, but it does so in a way that makes detailed reporting possible. You’ll know exactly what your costs are, and using that data, you can streamline your business and increase profits. We designed SellerZen around our needs, so we’re certain that you’ll find it just as useful.

Key Features

  • Data Entry Automation
  • Orders Syncing
  • Refunds Syncing
  • Fees Syncing
  • Settlement Syncing
  • Item Profit Reports



Starting from:
$0.05 Per Transaction
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
100 Free Transactions /month

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