DeployBot makes deployment simpler, faster and easier without the added complexity of a full Continuous Integration system. It creates a straightforward and consistent process for the entire team to deploy code anywhere there’s an integration or open interface protocol.

DeployBot saves time by executing the necessary preset scripts and commands, like when you’re minifying code, updating assets on a CDN, or installing dependencies. Keep everyone in the loop with DeployBot. On every deployment, it sends a notification over your favorite messenger, including Slack. Plus you’ll never need to manually track changes again. So if you do have a problematic release, you can quickly roll it back.

DeployBot works in combination with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or any other Git repository. It’s also compatible with Amazon’s AWS, DigitalOcean, heroku, Shopify, and others.

DeployBot provides deployment as a service

Behind any great software or web application stands a long and thorough process of writing, testing, adjusting and finalizing. After being put online by skilled programmers this process starts over again. Apps constantly need to be improved and updated. Right there is how DeployBot can support you - it smoothly helps you build and deploy code.

One consistent process for the entire team
DeployBot, formerly, means introducing a simple and consistent process into your entire teamwork. It also means web and app developers can literally deploy their code anywhere. By being able to write and instantly distribute code at the push of a button, coders avoid the complex set of rules that usually come with distributing written code.

Continuous deployment with DeployBot
A written file, for instance, might have to be minified or translated before it can be uploaded. All the necessary scripts will have to be executed manually. Using DeployBot, it takes one simple command and the rest gets done – this little robot executes all the preset scripts and commands. When dealing with dozens of files, it saves a ton of time.

DeployBot works in combination with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or any other Git repository. It is compatible with Amazon’s AWS, DigitalOcean, heroku, Shopify, and many more. And there is no end in sight - cloud providers, such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, are the next in line.

To further simplify the process, coders can send notifications about recent changes or deployments through the messenger of their choice, such as Slack, for example. All steps can be monitored via tools like New Relic or bugsnag.

Individual rights for every user
Changes do no longer have to be tracked manually - DeployBot simplifies this process as well. It retracts problematic rollouts at the push of a button, and it shares release notes with everybody who needs them.

The whole deployment process can be monitored in real time while different access rights can be given to team members or clients. And the best part might be that users “on the other side” will barely notice anything about this process.

Learn more about DeployBot, or set up your DeployBot right away! Here you go!

Key Features

  • No need to manually track changes and upload files
  • Share release notes to keep everyone in the loop
  • less things to configure on a server
  • empower users to deploy without accessing servers
  • quickly rollback a problematic release
  • watch deployment progress in real time
  • manage permissions for your team and clients
  • easy to use automated deployment tool
  • continuous integration with preset servers and repositories



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