Trackbird Software Analytics is a leading web-based software analytics and business intelligence application that monitors product activity, collects environmental data, features usage trends and analyzes conversion.

Trackbird Software Analytics mainly tracks the number of unique users have installed, uninstalled or are actually using its clients’ software. It also identifies exactly which versions or editions are being used actively. Trackbird can be distilled or combined by product editions, geographical location, version, product language, build number, OS type, OS language, license key status and license type.

Trackbird Software Analytics collects environmental data to track if a company should fix a feature that only works with Win XP SP2 or if it should adjust its UI to improve support netbooks.

Trackbird Software Analytics track what features in a product are more used by the customers and which are not used to that extent. It also helps its clients to find answers of questions like,

 What features are left unexplored by the evaluation users?

Is the niche market split in a number of user groups in search of different product functions?

Are the users using specific software only for a particular feature?

Trackbird Software Analytics software is used by small businesses as well as mid size businesses. Its clientele comprises clients from almost every part of the world including Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada, India, Germany, Latin America, Africa, Middle-East, Unites States and United Kingdom.

Trackbird Software Analytics features

The key features of Trackbird Software Analytics may include,

  • Data analytics
  • Analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • BPM
  • OLAP
  • Multi-dimensional analytics

With Trackbird Software Analytics, businesses can identify where it should emphasize and where not to. It also helps businesses understand its customer behaviour at every stage of the evaluation cycle. With Trackbird Software Analytics, they can check which marketing campaigns are worth investment. 

Key Features

  • Reporting & Dashboard
  • Multi-Dimensional Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Analytics
  • OLAP
  • BPM



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