Mixpanel is an advanced and improved mobile and website analytics application. This unique tool is created for the SMBs as well as enterprises though public administrations, non profits and even freelancers. It works beyond simply recording and tracking webpage views and reports against customer engagement and action within the application. It makes users enable to drill down more into the analytics and ask more specified questions about the customers.

Users can use Mixpanel to drill down and know more about the value of different marketing channels through customer segmentations and funnel analysis.

Mixpanel evaluates visitors’ engagement within a website in real time, monitoring visitors’ movements, shares, views, likes and also purchases. It lets users know what the customers do in the app in real time and compare the metrics from previous weeks.

Mixpanel is hugely used in United States, United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, Latin America, Middle-East, Africa, Europe, Germany, Canada, India and Japan.

Mixpanel’s pricing is done depending on usage. Every time a user tracks any event using Mixpanel – be it a user comment, song play, step in a funnel or anything else, it will be counted as a data point. They offer different packages for different amount of data points.

Mixpanel recognizes where customer losses take place with its funnel analysis tool prior to running experiments to resolve any issue discovered. It visualizes how frequently customers get back and get engaged with the application using it retention reports. It also visualizes the questions that the users wish to ask using its segmentation tools. Its targeting system groups customers with same profiles automatically, while its activity feed feature helps organizing and displaying customer behaviour into a timeline based on event for simple reviewing purpose. 

Key Features

  • Segmentation tool
  • Funnel analysis
  • Retention reports
  • Integration
  • Dynamic bucketing
  • Automatic cohort creation
  • Mobile surveys
  • Flexible targeting
  • Message scheduling
  • In-app messaging
  • Activity feed
  • Data visualization



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