Klipfolio is the best thing to create custom visualizations

Klipfolio provides users with a unique visualization environment that’s intuitive and helps utilize data mashups for developing custom visualizations. Specific business insights can now be obtained by integrating data achieved through SQL databases and Google analytics.

Operational data that changes frequently is often monitored by organizations that wish to ensure a faster growth track. In Klipfolio, they will find a good option to handle data in mobile and web. Data of this kind is termed as “real time” as it actually defines the process of data retrieval. Right time data can be achieved through Klipfolio Dashboard; such data is the key to your crucial business decisions as it’s easily accessible, dependable and accurate.

Your business will achieve a really sensible operational BI solution out of the Klipfolio dashboard. Various data sets can be integrated with the help of built-in templates when you’re all set to develop effective visualizations. Simply by choosing reports that are to be included in the tab, you’ll be able to assemble the dashboard upon creating your specific visualizations.

Organizations of different sizes and shapes from a wide variety of industries have found Klipfolio really worthy of their work processes. It has helped them cope with data that undergoes frequent changes by increasing the visibility.

The reports that you generate will help you understand the current monthly business trends besides the new and upcoming trends. Apart from showing a true and fair view to stakeholders and the CEO, these insights help allocate work within divisions and offices. 

Key Features

  • Attach annotations to reports for others to see
  • Integrate multiple data sources in single report
  • Manage access rights to important information
  • Many branding options such as logo replacement
  • Accessible on any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE)
  • Experienced support staff and in-depth documentation
  • Mobile accessible (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows)
  • Set up data sources using flexible REST connector
  • Direct file upload for files on computer or network
  • Excel, CSV, JSON, XML file formats supported
  • Self-service KPI editing platform
  • Securely connect to SQL data bases
  • Attach annotations to reports for others to see
  • Pick from a variety of built-in report styles
  • White-label options for agencies/partners
  • Clear, effective visualizations



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