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Subscription DNA is a cloud-based, enterprise software platform that's designed to automate recurring billing, offer tools for membership management, group communication, and membership paywalls. Highly flexible, Subscription DNA can be used for online businesses and brick and mortar storefronts, and can be integrated into many third party APIs.

We support major payment gateways exclusively using tokenization security and do not store any sensitive card data. This alleviates a number of levels of PCI Compliance, while allowing DNA to trigger when and how much to bill.

Set rebilling periods so that you can charge one rate recurring for 12 months, then a better rate after 12 months as a subscriber benefit. You select how many periods and the number of times that period should recur.

You can select daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, even down to minutes or have no frequency. You can even send a payment trigger from 3rd party software.

Our software lets you manage and support your customer through their entire lifecycle. Work with subscribers and their subscriptions easily from multiple perspectives. Easily drill down to a filtered group result set or individual record. Generate filtered reporting results and export result data sets to common formats.

Keep notes and set reminders about general items or assign to specific users. Use these notes to keep organized and in synchronization with future action identifiers. You can broadcast your notes to users, groups, or filtered results to the member home screen or keep for internal use only.

DNA paywall software and premium content management features support a variety of paywall models that you can use to customize your customer’s experience. Whether you’re looking to monetize a blog, provide privileged content access to members, or anything else, Subscription DNA is the way to go.

DNA integrates subscription status to not only validate login, but also their current subscription status. We offer layers of preventative sharing techniques such as allowing only one user session at a time in the same account, optionally monitor different devices, account lockout after so many failed logins, protecting access to direct urls requiring authentication, and more.

You can schedule invoices to be sent to non-recurring subscriptions in addition to or replacing the standard expiration notifications. Invoices allow the subscriber to extend or renew on their own terms instead of the automated recurring billing options.

Key Features

  • Automated Billing
  • Recurring Billing
  • Membership Management
  • One-Time Payments
  • Drip Marketing
  • Group Enrollment
  • Reporting
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Dunning Management
  • Email Communication & Auto Responses
  • Login Tracking



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