Software vendors can automatically manage serial numbers for their software so that they can easily generate, deposit and activate licenses for their customers with Keyzy.

Keyzy automatically generates, deposits and activates serial numbers in the easiest way on reliable servers.

No Need to Set Up or Manage a Server anymore: Because Keyzy servers work efficiently and smoothly, you never need to worry about the servers. Forget about server costs, server problems and server updates—just use it!

No Need to Put Up with a Setup Cost: Keyzy doesn't charge any setup fee. It's already working, so why should you pay for it?

Automatically Manage Your Serial Numbers: Keyzy automatically manages your serial numbers. You can generate, deposit and activate your serials easily.

Manage Your Bundles with Ease: You can give your customer one serial number that can activate many products! You can combine your products as you wish and then distribute/deposit just one serial number to your customer. That's it!

Dealer Management: You can monitor your dealers. You'll know which serial numbers are being used by which dealer.

Control Activation Size: How many copies of your software can be used simultaneously? You can control this using the Maximum Host Count feature.

Who We Are: We’re from Volko Audio, a company that produces high-quality audio plugins, virtual musical instruments (e.g. Volko Alaturka Drum) and audio effects (e.g. Q American Series). Volko Audio offers genuine musical experience to producers, students, sound engineers and composers around the world with wise software and quality sounds. Volko Audio uses Keyzy service with thousands of serials.

Key Features

  • Serial Number Generator
  • Serial Number Depositor
  • Serial Number Activator
  • Product Bundle Management
  • Dealer Management
  • Maximum Machine Count Management



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