Mintrics is Social Video Analytics Dashboard, With Benchmarks

- Allows users to analyze the performance of all of their videos across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and twitter in one dashboard.
- Compare their videos against competition and dive into reach, consumption, retention, engagement and more - all with benchmarks and historical data.
- Spend less time/money analyzing and reporting, and more creating beautiful, engaging content.

Mintrics provides Everything you need to know about your videos


- Analyze all of your videos in one place
Sign in with your Facebook, and Mintrics will gather all of the videos from all of the pages that you admin, analyze them, and then give you all sorts of unique metrics and historical charts to understand exactly how your videos are performing.

- Comparative analytics. Unique metrics
All of the metrics are instantly compared with the average of the rest of the videos on the same page, and you can visually tell if you're above or below average - it's comparing apples with apples. Understand the performance with custom metrics such as the Relevance Rate, Retention Rate, Bounce Rate and many more.

- Compare your videos. Group them in lists
Compare any video from any page with any other video to see how they perform head-to-head. You can also group any videos together in a list to get their totals and average.

Around 500K video has been analyzed on Mintrics and counting
about 100bn views so far
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Key Features

  • social video analytics tool



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