Textline is a SaaS application for teams that want to communicate with customers via text messaging. It's like Zendesk + iMessage. When a company signs up, Textline assigns it a new text-only phone number. The company can draft auto-responses and save shortcuts for answering frequently asked questions. Customer service agents can transfer issues to other agents, just like transferring an old-fashioned phone call. Textline tracks metrics like average time to respond and average time to resolve customer issues. And Textline integrates with Zendesk and Slack.

Textline is also introducing Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys conducted via text messaging. NPS is widely recognized as the best way to measure customer loyalty. And text messages enjoy much higher read and response rates than email or phone calls. Textline collects NPS surveys from customers and allows agents to review and tag responses. Request early access to Textline's NPS survey feature by visiting http://textline.com/net-promoter-score

For developers, Textline also has an API. Many companies use software to send automated text messages to customers, but customer replies typically disappear through a black hole. With Textline, customer service agents can read and reply to those customer texts. In fact, if the company is already using Twilio's API to send texts, the engineering team does not need to change a single line of code to feed customer replies to Textline!

Textline's web site is responsive, meaning it works fine in a smartphone browser. An app for iPhone and iPad is coming soon.

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