Carrrot is a full stack software for your website/web application growth. It helps acquire customers with data collecting forms, nurture them with personalized automated messages and manage (segment) the leads to return the hottest ones.

It is an all-in-one solution that excuses you from integration with other product at early stages. It includes all the options for website marketing of any online business. It helps to detect pinch points where the customers stuck so to save the money.

Carrrot is for SaaS and e-commerce companies. Marketing managers and specialists both ninjas and newcomers will love it. Carrrot has an open API and custom code adjustment to meet ninjas unique requirements. Also for newcomers, there is Tracking Master which helps to collect the proper data.

So the key feature is not the only all-in-one typed solution but also Carrrot suits to any kind of specialists. Tracking master allows newcomers to collect the data from every field on front-end and record as a customer's property for further segmentation. It doesn’t need any code, just the understanding which data you need to use and how.

Moreover, pricing, that we are not encouraged to compare with competitors’. Most of them charge for the particular set of features, Carrrot’s plans depends on your website traffic – all the features are available from the first plan. Moreover, it is possible to add an unlimited number of operators to work with Carrrot. We're very excited about our early users that is why we offer extra support at stages.

Key Features

  • simple data collection



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