IMC Learning Suite


IMC Learning Suite offers truly tailored and comprehensive end-to-end training management and delivery on enterprise level. With worldwide applications and numerous awards, our ready-to-go, smart e-learning system is the answer to all your requirements and needs.

Individual, scalable and flexible training platform for any company or organisation regardless of their size or industry. You can easily and with the utmost precision shape our LMS system completely in line with your individual requirements and needs. Take advantage of our pre-defined learning technologies for small, medium as well as large enterprises.

IMC’s learning technology enables you to launch highly customisable, holistic training programs for each of your target groups and each tenant. True and complete multitenancy support and configurable workflows allow you to securely and conveniently mould the e-learning system for every different business unit in any direction you need.

Learners can decide when and where to access their e-learning platform. Use whatever is at hand: desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. IMC Learning Suite’s cutting edge user interface is fresh, modern and responsive taking the barriers out of accessing learning materials and working optimally across all devices. We can even skin the e-learning platform according to your corporate identity: transfer the logo, colors, look and feel of your company!

The IMC Learning Suite is second to none in terms of security, scalability and technical architecture. Available as cloud LMS as a fully managed learning technology powered by the secure and instantly scalable Microsoft Azure cloud or as an on-premise licence to be installed on your own servers. Open integration layers allow us to integrate with virtually any existing system. IMC is certified according to ISO 27001 and fulfils the highest security standards when it comes to highly sensitive data.

The very distinctive feature of IMC Learning Suite is its unique flexibility combined with the intuitive user interface, allowing you to easily create a very individual learning environment that can be exactly defined according to your requirements and needs.

Key Features

  • Poowerful and flexible training platform
  • End-to-end training management
  • Unlimited configurability
  • Highly customisable
  • Seamless user experience
  • Secure, scalable and integrates into your existing environment
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Unlimited amount of configuration
  • Advanced reporting
  • High-performing tools



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