What does HandyTrain do:

HandyTrain is B2B SaaS technology company. Its core offering is a platform that helps organizations to quickly deploy, manage and monitor training content as well as train, assess and evaluate their distributed workforces, including partner workforces comprising distributors, agents, contractors and outsourced service providers.
HandyTrain’s deployment at India’s largest retail conglomerate won the Gold Award at the Asia Pacific Customer Engagement Forum & Awards (ACEF) in the Employee Engagement Category.

Who we work with:

· India’s Largest Telecommunications company: Product Training and Assessments
· India's third-Largest Private Sector Bank: Compliance Training on KYC (Know Your Customer) and Anti-money Laundering norms
· India’s Largest Retail Conglomerate: Product, Skills and Brand Training and Assessments
· World’s Largest Digital Transportation Network company: Compliance Assessment Solutions
· India’s Largest Private Sector Life Insurance company: Induction Training and Onboarding
· India’s Second Largest Healthcare Diagnostic chain: Induction, Anatomy & Physiology Training and Sales Training for Speciality and Network Portfolios

Why Use HandyTrain:

Supports rich Multimedia formats: Communicate using texts cards, images, videos (stream as-well-as offline), audio and GIFs to provide employees with a memorable employee experience. Content is delivered in the form of small digestible chunks through a ‘swipe-able card’ like layout, making content consumption extremely engaging and interactive

User Profile and Report Card: Employees can access a single screen within the app that provides a detailed view of their training and assessment completion, achievements across multiple programs

Custom Theme: The app gets its look and feel through a customizable theme option that can be set to match the organization’s brand guidelines. Once the employee logs in, they feel right at home with their organization logo and theme, prominently in display.

Search & Bookmark: Search for specific content and bookmark a content unit now and use the same as quick reference anytime in future.

Key Features

  • Multiplatform: Available on both iOS and Android as native apps, which leverage the power of the platform to deliver a faster, smoother and better User Experience.
  • Multilingual Content: Communicate in multiple languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi and virtually every language supported by Android and iOS
  • Complete offline capability: Employees can access content even when they are offline. An internet connection is required to download programs and assessments only once.
  • Custom Authentication: HandyTrain can connect with an organization’s HRMS, Active Directory or any other third-party application that has APIs to authenticate the users.
  • Discussion Forum: Employees can engage in multimedia discussion forums related to any content. These discussions can be moderated by an admin from the organization or a subject matter expert to resolve queries.
  • Gamification and Leaderboards: Users are assigned a place on the leaderboard upon completion of specific milestones. They are also granted certificates on the app itself. This certificate data is later synced with the server and sent to the employee in a



Starting from:
$2 per user per month
Free Trial:


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