WorkPuls is accurate time tracking software for organizations. It's automated time tracking solution which shows business owners and managers how their employees spend time on computers. It catches the names of apps, websites and documents that are used, names of employees who use them and amount of time they spend in them. Additionally, it shows when the employees were inactive, when they clocked-in and clocked-out and how productive they were overall (total productive and unproductive time)

Businesses that use WorkPuls are companies of various sizes, from small businesses to large companies. Most of our current customers work in the area of Outsourcing, Computer Software and IT, Accounting, Logistics...Solution for:

-Automating Payroll Timesheet:
Pay employees for the correct number of hours.
Automate timesheet reports based on employees’ computer activities and other activities (phone calls, meetings, etc.).

See who is late for work, which apps and websites employees are using in real-time, get screenshots of their computer activities, and store the data up to 2 years.

-Analyzing Productivity:
Help employees improve their performance.
Discover changes in employees' focus and understand how certain events impact them. Advise them on how to improve productivity or allow them to use WorkPuls to do it on their own.

All features - Real Time, Time and Attendance, Screenshots, Apps and Websites, Categorization, Trends, Employee LogIn, Timeline, Time Keeping, Payroll Calculator, Adding other Activities.

Key Features

  • Payroll
  • Real Time
  • Time and Attendance
  • Screenshots
  • Timeline
  • Timekeeping
  • Employee LogIn
  • Client LogIn
  • Apps and Websites
  • Categorizations
  • Reporting



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14 day

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