If you’re tired with your old, mundane hiring process, switch to HireSelect. It provides with a cutting-edge pre-employment test including personality, aptitude and skill test to deliver you relevant data that would let you make more informed, smarter and wiser hiring decisions.

HireSelect’s comprehensive pre-employment tests are especially crafted by the psychologists from Harvard University. The aptitude test evaluates problem-solving, critical thinking and the ability to learn, understand and apply fresh information. Personality test assesses behavioral traits and patterns which can affect a person’s performance at workplace. Skill test evaluates basic competencies which are related to essential work activities.

Small to mid size businesses depend on HireSelect pre-employment test to obtain objective and dependable data on the applicants and that results in making wiser hiring decision.

You can access tailored test batteries for more than 1,000 positions. HireSelect includes improved analytics which let recruiters as well as hiring managers to compare test score to nationwide average for similar positions, set cut-off scores depending on large data samples and then filter through applicant pools well. The company also includes many other features that are often found in different applicant tracking systems including applications, resume upload features and tools for sorting, filtering and messaging candidates.

HireSelect provides you with flat-fee pricing that allow you to do unlimited use of the tests. Prices and packages are designed depending on the size of the company and so that the testing can be accessed by small to mid size businesses as well as large enterprises.

In a nutshell, HireSelect provides you with aptitude test, personality test and skills test while its analytics feature can be used for filtering large applicant pools. The application can be seamlessly integrated with your ATS. HireSelect provides the users with easily understandable score reports and solid reporting features. 

Key Features

  • Aptitude, personality and skills tests
  • Analytics features for filtering large applicant pools
  • Resume Upload and Application Delivery Capabilities
  • Can be Integrated Seamlessly with your ATS
  • Flat-rate pricing, unlimited use
  • Easy to understand score reports
  • Robust reporting features



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