eSkill Skills Testing Software

eSkill Skills Testing Software
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eSkill is a trusted expert in online skills testing for assessing the skills of job candidates and current staff.
Employers like GE, Coca-Cola, 1-800 Contacts, and Paychex use eSkill to accurately assess their candidates for faster and better fitting hires, or to determine who needs specific training.
If your job involves hiring, you know that your core challenge is…meaningfully prioritizing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of applications.
Selecting the best candidates at each step in the process in a fast, data-driven, and compliant way is a goal for any competitive organization

Simply put, eSkill is the premium market leader in online skills assessment solutions. More than 4,000 organizations around the world use our job skill assessment tests in their hiring and training processes, including Coca-Cola, Zappos, FedEx, LG, and Paychex.
Our fully customizable skill assessment tests cover specific and core job requirements across multiple industries, such as HR, IT, Admin, Sales, Accounting, Hospitality, Healthcare and more.

So what makes eSkill the right skills testing solution for you?

Easily customize relevant, valid tests from our massive subject library for any job or testing objective.
or start with one of our editable standard job- or subject-based tests.
Upload your own tests and questions with the eSkill Editor.
Simulate the real-life work environments with our class-leading simulations covering Microsoft Office, Call Center, Multi-tasking, and more.
Offer a reliable and pleasant test experience for your candidates and employees.
Customize Tests, send tests, and receive scores – everything happens in real time .
Seamlessly integrate with your existing HR or LMS systems
And don’t forget…
We are always here to advise you
An expert Client Success Manager will be assigned to your account to help you through training, test design, and best practice implementation.

Ready to learn more about eSkill skills assessments?
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Key Features

  • Pre Employment Test
  • Job Assessment Test
  • Assessment Test for Jobs
  • Pre employment assessment test samples
  • Employee Testing



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