Industries that rely on mobile workers need a simple way to track schedules, time, location and job costs accurately. These businesses run better with ClockShark. Paper timesheets and schedules just don't cut it. Timesheets seem to never get turned in on time, and are often messy or rounded up. Schedules seem to change right after one gets printed. Fortunately, there is a better way. ClockShark's mobile time tracking software works right on the smartphone in your employee's pocket so it's always with them and always works.

ClockShark is the simplest way to track, schedule, and manage your crew's time. It is specially built for local constructions, field services, and franchises. It is 100% automated for accurate timesheets, The GPS time tracking with custom geofencing gives your crew a better way to clock their time. Respond better to emergency call, know who's working where, and reply daily routes to improve operations.

Scheduling, mobile time tracking apps, reporting and software integrations reduce payroll costs and frustration with paper time cards. By connecting ClockShark to your accounting or payroll processor, at the push of a button, you can send your employee time information right into payroll or accounting software. Get payroll done in minutes instead of hours. Let our integrations handle the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing better things.

Tracking down paper time cards is a chore nobody wants to deal with, and it slows down payroll. Accurately tracking job costs gives a clear view into the health of construction and field service businesses.

Key Features

  • cloud based time tracking
  • employee time clock



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