FleetZoo is a cloud-based software as a service for field operations and last mile delivery including core modules for Order Management, Customer Relationship Management, Vehicles Management, Route planning and Optimization, Dispatching, Tracking, and Customer Notification modules. FleetZoo Solution is essential fleet operations and management success companion. The solution is designed to cut operational costs through optimizing fleet routing, minimizing vehicle run-time, and maximizing fuel savings while improving fleet utilization, driver productivity, and customer service levels through the use of proprietary optimization algorithms and state-of-the-art web and mobile technologies. Our Fleet Optimization Solution simplifies and improves the planning, execution, and monitoring of any fleet operation, for any fleet size.

FleetZoo planning and management component, a web-based interface that captures all the data and operational constraints deemed necessary for the planning task, for example appointment time windows, driver schedule, vehicle capacity, etc. The core of this planning component includes an optimization algorithm which processes all inputs and operational constraints to generate in less than a minute an optimal route for each vehicle in the fleet. Users will also be empowered during the planning phase by utilizing custom integrated data sources, which provide the system with key real-time and historical data to feed into the optimization algorithm.

FleetZoo execution and monitoring components provide a web-based interface that enables the dispatcher to review the algorithm-generated plans, make custom changes easily, and send it to the drivers’ mobile devices for execution. The system provides the flexibility to use any mobile device, leveraging the device’s GPS technology to provide drivers with accurate routes and dynamic routing in case of traffic congestion, accidents or detours. The management team can view all the captured data and display specific dashboards in real-time, as well as generate customized reports for various operational performance metrics.

FleetZoo customizable notification service, which is powered by the accurately generated plans, vehicles’ real-time position and order status. While operations are being monitored in real-time, the back office is able to send notifications via email or SMS to update customers on driver ETA and their position in the driver’s order queue. This feature allows for more accurate customer expectations and better overall customer service while facilitating continuous communication between the back-office, the field operator, and the customers.

FleetZoo offers back office web-based dashboard, mobile applications for field operations, and e-mail/text notifications to customers.

Key Features

  • Order Management
  • Drivers/Workforce Management
  • Vehicles Management
  • Customers Management
  • Route Optimization
  • Planning and Dispatching
  • Real-time Fleet Tracking
  • Real-time Field Operations Monitoring
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Real-time Customer Notification
  • User Friendly and Easy to use
  • Export Orders from excel or CSV
  • Customizable Interface and Notifications



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