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UsefulFeedback is a scalable complaint and feedback management platform for companies of all sizes and in any sector.

The software is designed to integrate with existing infrastructure, such as CRM system.

UsefulFeedback is able to be configured to match the regulatory and commercial needs of most major industry types including finance, telecoms, healthcare and law enforcement, via the use of customizable templates.

Complaint capture, analysis and handling can be managed by a central team, or dispersed to all frontline staff. As the complaint information is stored centrally, UsefulFeedback's automated reporting, which is supported by threshold alerts that highlight areas of concern, can provide management with consistent and accurate data delivering clear root cause analysis across departments, external service providers and the entire organisation.

UsefulFeedback centralises complaints and feedback from multiple streams such as telephone, email, webforms and social media, and puts packages it into a uniform format, optimised for smartphone and tablet users.

In addition to traditional complaint capture, the system can also be set up to monitor for social media interaction, enabling the user to assess, analyse and respond appropriately to comments posted on social media sites.

Users can respond to cases using an embedded editor. For cases originating from a social media, an acknowledgement or response can also be posted directly to the customer.

Reporting tools allow users to identify areas most likely to cause dissatisfaction with automated delivery of library and custom reports and real-time keyword alerts. Reports can be output in a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, Rich Text (Microsoft Word) and Excel.

Key Features

  • rapid implementation
  • scaleable
  • easy to configure
  • analysis and reporting



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