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VYPER is an email marketing tool that allows you to create stunning giveaways that help you collect emails. Once a user enters your contest with their email address, they're incentivized to share your contest (via email or social media) in order to get more entries. This viral loop allows you to quickly add new emails as well as increase social sharing and followers.

We also have several features that help make your contest a success, including prizes that get awarded for every contestant, cheating detection, and integrations with popular email service providers like Mailchimp.

One of our most popular features is opt-in bribes. The ability to send prizes to anyone who enters your contest, not just winners. For example, you could give a coupon code, a free download, or another freebie. You can also restrict the prize only to users who have gotten X amount of entries.

This started as a side project because as a brand owner I HATED the current contest solutions out there. They looked ugly and lacked features such as letting me install my FB retargeting pixel. We also weren't sold on the widgetized options out there and thought a "funnel" would be better for conversion. We made this tool internally at my last startup and recently decided to launch it to the public.

While VYPER is currently just a contest software, in the future we have additional products we're building ontop of our platform all related to viral marketing and email acquisition.

VYPER is especially created for e-commerce, bloggers, info marketers, and consultants.

Key Features

  • Grow your email list with stunning viral giveaways.
  • Contest page design rigorously tested for conversion optimization.
  • Reward every contestant using opt-in bribes.
  • Our software is constantly getting updated



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  • VYPER Contest

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