MailboxValidator is an online Email Validation service which uses multiple types of validations to validates if the an email is valid, such as free provider, contains high-risk keywords, whether it's a catch-all address and so much more. It also provides a restful API which can be used to validate a single email instantly. It connects to the mail server and checks whether the mailbox exists or not. It reduces bounce rate & costs and helps to increases conversion rate & sender reputation.

Features provided by MailboxValidator:

1. Email Syntax Checker-Validates that the email address conforms to a standard format.

2. Duplicate Email Remover-Removes duplicate emails.

3. Free Email Provider Checker - Free Email Provider checker of MailboxValidator checks whether the emails in the list are from a free email provider like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

4. MX Record Checker - Checks for the existence of mail server records in the DNS.

5. MX Server Connection Checker - Tests for a successful network connection to the mail server.

6. Email Greylisting Checker - Some mail servers use the spam trap to identify the spam email addresses and block them forever to make their mailbox free of spam. So, email greylisting checker of MailboxValidator checks if the mail servers use the spam trap tool or not.

7. Suppressed Email Checker - Checks if an email is in our own Do Not Mail list.

8. Role Email Checker - Checks if an email address is a role email like admin, support, webmaster or sales, etc.

9. Bulk Validation Supported - If you have a huge list of emails then instead of doing the one-by-one email validation, you can do the bulk email validation. Upload the entire file of email addresses and speed up your email verification.

10. Single Validation Supported - Validate a single email instantly and returns all the validation results in either JSON or XML format.

Key Features

  • Easy Integration
  • Supported Restful API and Bulk Validations
  • Supported Various Programming Languages
  • Advance Reporting



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