Threads is a cloud-based e-discovery solution enabling users to conduct real-time searches across multiple channels including emails, phone calls and attachments. Communications are intelligently organised and can be searched intuitively by contact, company or keyword. Threads has the power to unlock information contained in phone calls by applying speech recognition, making them searchable and reducing review time. Our pricing is simple and you only pay for storage used not the number of users.

Threads is the first solution to offer a multi-channel search facility. It finds helpful content that would typically be locked in other people's inboxes or contained in phone calls and makes that information searchable. By helping make your business operate more transparently you will be able to see the whole picture, not just a small part of it, leading to better decision making.

With it's fail safe privacy system, Threads lets you stay in control over what you want to share meaning that private emails and calls stay private. Using its intuitive traffic light system, users can quickly see which emails in their inbox are being shared and which aren't and can make changes in real time.

Threads can also save you time if someone is sick, on holiday or leaves the business as it will capture that persons emails. It can also help in an discovery exercise or aid in bringing or defending a legal claim.

If you want to see how Threads can benefit your business, then you can give its try free of charge for 30 days.

Key Features

  • search, email monitoring, shared inbox
  • collaboration tool
  • automatic speech recognition, compliance, discovery



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